I’m waking up at 6 tomorrow to go to the gym. I put in a lackluster couple of miles today and yesterday and it’s just not cutting it so I have to add more to the daily exercise. You have no idea how damaging these weekends are to my body. I didn’t drink at all Thursday night and I had a fine day at work and put in a good workout to feel good for the weekend on Friday. Then the alcohol just seeps into my existence and completely dehydrates me and defuncts me. A Sunday recovery day and all of Monday is what it takes for me to start feeling better again. I honestly feel like a broken record because I’ve done this so many times and have written about it just as many. I should be a guinea pig for the effects of alcohol on the human body and what damage is sustained from constant abuse. And believe me, this isn’t a call for help. I do this to myself and I 100% control it. Things are just more entertaining when you’re drunk and the aftermath is just a forethought when it’s occurring. I’m considering, and believe me this is a stretch, to try to lay off the booze till broad street which is still about 3 weeks away. I know that the alcohol effects my training because of days like today where I’m so thirsty that I just can’t do anything. The other thing is that when I was younger, my consumption wasn’t nearly as much as it is now and I think I avoided this feeling more often. I can’t write good blog posts when I feel like this. My brain doesn’t function properly. Don’t tell me this sucks, just chalk it up to an off day.