I bought a case of Abita which turned out to be a pretty good variety pack. So I was drinking that on Friday. I was dominating the wagon in the first couple games but he ended up tying the series due to my drunkenness. We went to the bar and I was macking on some hideous 40 year old. I honestly can’t explain why I do things like that but it was entertaining none the less. I woke up Saturday and we had a softball game at 11:15. We ended up losing 12-11 and had a handful of things go wrong. I botched one in the outfield and forgot to back up the first baseman on one play. The wagon had a better batting avg than me so I have to fill out the stupid census that he ripped up because he thought it was incoming mail instead of outgoing mail. After the game I started drinking and played poker with Gusto for a while. Then we went to Riverpalooza at 5 or so. I was bombed by 7 and went home. Passed out til probably 9 or ten and some random girl came over. I actually met her at Mad River and got her number so while I was passed out Jkash and Gusto were working some text message game which is why she came over. She was fine but nothing ended up happening. She went to the bathroom and I ended up passing out so she left. I feel kind of lousy after a weekend like that but that’s pretty typical.