My apologies for the lack of updates but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and type.  At least that’s my excuse for not having any good ideas to write about.  Last night the Spring rec basketball league started and today I drove down to AC for a roofing show.

ribs and stomach in painCompared to some of the leagues I’ve been a part of the Philly league is a step down in competition.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that I play any better.  To make a short story short, we blew the team out by 25 points and it wasn’t even close from the first bucket scored.  I wouldn’t even have made this part of the blog except that I took a Falcon shoulder right into my solar plexus and I think the dude may have broke my rib.  I’m exaggerating a bit but I couldn’t lay on my side when I tried to sleep and was in discomfort the entire day today.  Without being an MD, I think it’s bruised but I’m praying to god I feel better by Sunday when I have a 15k I paid 60 bucks for.  Once again though these leagues are proving to be more trouble than there worth and I’m turning into an old man.

loose-changeAnother wonderful breaking story has to do with the bank and if you follow my tweets, you already know what happened.  Before I went into the convention center today at the Taj, I went to TD bank where they have Penny Arcade which counts coins.  I had accumulated a few hundred bucks of coins and they serve no purpose other than taking up space.  I had them all in a single plastic bag that was already starting to break.  As I took them out of the car, a few coins popped out of a hole in the bag and I figured it wasn’t an issue.  I was supporting the bottom with my hand and as I walked up to the door, released my support hand to open the door, and that’s when the bottom came out.  I was super lucky that they broke when I was inside the doors because all the coins sprawled everywhere inside the entrance way to the bank.  I started cracking up because it was so ridiculous how many coins were on the floor.  Fortunately the guy who worked there brought me some envelopes and I collected the coins by myself because he was too old to bend over.  Penny Arcade lets you guess the total amount and if you get within $1.99 you get something.  I guessed $250 and it was $263 which was close but I don’t understand how this is a guessing game when you can obviously get it right if you want.  The prize must have sucked.  They usually take 8% of the money for the service but waive it if you donate a dollar to charity.  I donated the 8%.

That’s it for this blog post.  I have an idea or two in the pipeline but it’s still too half assed and I haven’t been able to complete it.  We’ll see tomorrow if I can come up with some content again.