sacred heart losing streakOne word, embarrassing.  The Sixers set out to tie the NBA record of 26 consecutive losses if they lose to the Rockets on Thursday night.  The Rockets are 48-22, the Sixers are 15-56.  Chances of trying the record are extremely high and then they are looking to break the record on Saturday against the Pistons.  Being from Philadelphia, this is hard to stomach.

One thing that ownership doesn’t consider with a tank season to get a high draft pick is that they will lose a certain fan base.  I’m certainly not a die-hard basketball fan but I enjoy watching the game and if I had to choose a team, it would be my home town. At this point of time, I want to be as far away as possible from being a Sixers fan because being associated with them is being a loser.  An NBA record loser.  Losing 10 games in a row is humiliating.  Losing 25 is next level.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at KansasSeeing your team lose 25 straight games is painful and nauseating.  The “brilliant” idea that by tanking this season to get Andrew Wiggins was certainly questioned with his miniscule performance in the biggest game of his young career.  What about Duke losing to Mercer and how that questions Jabari Parker’s leadership?  I still think these guys will be dynamite NBA players but it displays the uncertainly involved with athletes that are so young.

I can’t imagine that the franchise considered losing 25 straight basketball games.  Sure you want to tank but you aren’t trying to NBA record tank.  To be considered one of the worst teams in NBA history is not something a franchise wants to be known for.  Cleveland held the esteemed honor before what is almost certain to be passed to the Sixers.  That’s abysmal.  I hope the turnaround is lightning fast next year or else a lot of people are going to be scratching their heads.