bloggingI bought a .99 book through my Kindle on how to be a better blogger. It was only 65 pages and I read it in about 10 minutes.  I know most of what it takes but my format isn’t set up properly. Blogs need specific themes. There has to be something that your blog focuses on and then you have to interact with that community. My blog focuses on my life and interacts with nobody. The fact that it gets as much traffic as it does is a miracle but within that answer lies something profound.

Northern-Lights-on-Show-for-Next-Few-DaysI average over 500 unique visitors a day because people people land on Madison Ivy and Katy Perry posts.  What does that show?  People of the internet like hot girls with huge racks.  Nobody cares about a 30 year old male blogging about his life.  This is important to note because I have to ask myself, what is my purpose of maintaining a website?  Mine has always been to document my life and hopefully gain a following that would allow me to produce some revenue without interfering with my life.  Making money using my brain is always a task of mine.  Is it all about money?  No, but I’d rather be sitting in some far away land not having to worry about it than sitting behind my desk in Philadelphia.

attract-hot-womenThere is some positive to take out of all this though and that’s that the site received the most views it has in over 2 years yesterday.  My high traffic point was when I was bagging Brandi  Passante (40 comments) traffic.  I think that as time goes on, and you keep maintaining a site, Google starts to increase your ranking because of the dedication it takes to maintain a site for so much time.  So I’m crossing my fingers that this traffic won’t vanish and it is here to stay.  Needless to say that if I want to continue getting good traffic, I need more big breasted women pics but I will not head down that path.  I’m going to stick with writing posts that are important to me about topics that I care about.  Of course every once in a while I’ll submit to the idea of gaining traffic off of current events, but that’s strictly to maintain relevance.

My plan is to continue to trudge forward and produce the best quality content I can and it will eventually get noticed somehow, someway.  I’ve even had some minor successes with getting referrals from Twitter (documented here)  and even Business Insider when I wrote my Wawa post.  This journey hasn’t been easy as you can see from the graph below and how the first 2 years produced nothing.  Currently though I’m receiving over 125 direct visits and all my ancillary hot girls traffic.  Even my Most Spotify Followers post is bringing in traffic now.  I’ve noticed that 5 people liked that post on Google+ which may have something to do with increased traffic to my other posts.  At this point, I understand the formula and have to keep up with getting more eyeballs on the site.  Comments from readers will be the next hurdle to overcome.