I spent this weekend 95% sober.  I consumed 0 beers on Friday and 2 total beers throughout all of Saturday.  This is why I’m awake at 8am on a Sunday writing a post.  Let me briefly describe what I did to give an idea of a sober weekend.

17th-sawgrassKnowing that it was going to be nice out on Saturday, I thought it would be a good idea to get a group together to go golfing.  The NCAA games would be starting at noon and even though I didn’t have a huge interest in it, it was a reason to go early.  I reserved a 7:48am tee-time at Lederach using Golfnow for 50 dollars each.  I round up (pun intended) Shee, Evan, and Bud to complete the 4some.

Doing this made sure that going out on Friday night wasn’t an option.  I’ve made similar attempts in the past and early tee-times are never met with drunken nights the night before.  After work on Friday I went for a run, watched a few NCAA games, watched Cloud Atlas (which was great), and then fell asleep.

steve-morrison-preston-steveI woke at 6:15 on Sat morning, picked up the Shee, then headed to Wawa for some coffee and a sizzli.  Bud was running late due to user/gps error and would have to meet us at the first hole.  Steve from Preston and Steve was in the group behind us which was unbeknownst to me until the Shee pointed it out.  The round deserved a solid A from all angles.  Pace of play was good, everyone was having fun, I even hit the ball better than I probably did all of last year.  It was an enjoyable experience and couldn’t have been had if a drunk night had occurred the night before.

After the round I met up with Evan to play some Bball at the 26th and Spruce courts which are a crap-shoot of people.  I waited to get picked up with some Persian guys to play against the black guys.  As you get older you start to forget that you are older and some little 15 year old was dogging his friend saying that, “he was getting burned by that old man.”  These games are my least favorite for various reasons but mainly because it’s me playing hard vs 9 players who only play one end of the floor.  My hard play even prompted a response from a kid I was playing defense on, “what’s wrong with you?”  My team ended up losing and I was emotionally unsatisfied.  I hate losing to kids I’m better than.  I’m not even that good but I play much better with a team rather than 5 players which doesn’t happen on these courts.

productivity-map-fullAfter the game I was pretty tired but couldn’t fall asleep.  I wasted a few hours watching the games and playing chess and then went to sleep at around 10pm.  This leads me to where I am now and a feeling on a Sunday that I don’t have often.  I feel good and plan to get things done on my off day.  I want to run 10 miles on the Drive, fix the door knob of my front door, spend the next 3 hours writing posts so I don’t have days of nothingness, watch House of Cards, and read Moby Dick.  I will most likely accomplish these tasks (starting Moby Dick would be more accurate) and this couldn’t have happened without staying sober.  My hungover Sundays comprise nothing.  Literally nothing.  This is a welcomed change because I was physically starting to feel ill from excess drinking.  I also have a 15k next weekend which will be a no drinking weekend and then a 10k with Sam which will make 3 weeks in a row.  Here’s to a fresh start.