I could do a typical post where I recap my Saturday and Sunday but I’m getting sick of that so I’ll post whatever I want in bullet format which makes writing simpler.

  •  I hung out with a bro during the Super Bowl who knows nothing about sports and likes movies.  Rade Šerbedžija was in one of the Super Bowl commercials and I  said that he was in Eyes Wide Shut because I’d just seen it recently.  We then reminisced about Snatch and obviously the scene below came up in my mind.  The idea of him getting around with a bag over his head and his movements are second to none.  It should leave you cracking up.

  • Tyrone obviously was referenced as well: [blockquote source=””]Why’d we stop here? What’s the matter with that space over there?
    It’s too tight.
    Too tight?
    You could land a jumbo-fucking-jet in there.[/blockquote]

  • I won my Superbowl bet for the second year in a row taking the Seahawks and Marshawn Lynch to score the first TD of the game at 5:1.  My net on the day was +130 on the game and -30 on squares and other ventures.  Obviously the game wasn’t all that much fun to watch
  • The RadioShack commercial was one of my favorite.  I like how the store is selling Boomboxes and Fax Machines.  If you grew up in the 80’s you’ll see Kid N Play in the commercial. They starred in a movie Class Act in 1992 which featured a character named Blade which adds to this title.  Less than 1% of the population would get that reference.  Also Q-bert makes an appearance which was brought up by Evan earlier in the day which is pretty bizarre.  I still won’t ever go to a RadioShack but I like the self deprecating approach they took.

  • I’m getting fed up with the snow which is just endless.  Business comes to a screeching halt every time people can’t work outside.  Roads suck and it’s just tiresome.  I can’t wait for spring.
  • True-Detective1The biggest disappointment was not getting a new episode of True Detective this weekend.    I’ve never been more convinced about a world class performance as I am with Matthew McConaughey.  I never really watched much that he was a part of but I have a new found respect and am considering watching anything he’s ever done.