Molly Schuyler 16in Pizza Under 2 Minutes

This isn’t just a lady.  It’s Molly Schuyler who I watched last Friday beat the Philly Wing Bowl record by 27 wings.  She beat Kobayashi’s record by 27 wings! Something is a bit odd though because the guy who got 2nd place in the wing bowl also beat Kobayashi’s record so maybe it was something with the wings.  The Pres’ tweet doesn’t even name her which is straight up disrespectful.  World be aware, this woman is taking competitive eating by storm.

She’s been competitive eating since Aug 2012 but I think it’s safe to say she’s only recently hit the public spotlight. The note in her Wiki page says “her hometown is Bellevue, Nebraska, and she works as a bartender and server at Applebee’s. She is married and has four children.” Unbelievable that you come out of nowhere to be not only the best, but possibly THE BEST!


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