Lots of betting. I only deposited 35 dollars but I’m happy to say that my account now has 75 because of the Atlanta Hawks covering. My brackets were pretty sharp as I chose Kentucky to win it all. I had Kansas going a ways but so did everyone else so it’s not so bad. I’m in 2nd in Chad’s work pool, close to the top in a pool with a couple hundred people, and will be doing OK if Kentucky pools (sounds right) it off. You really have to pick the Final game right so I’m a long shot away from saying I’m winning anything. I also cleared a poker deposit for 150 so to take advantage of this bonus it actually ended up costing me about 600 dollars and lots of time spent.

I wish I had more to say but I just didn’t really make anything happen this weekend. I sometimes think of things during the day to write about and then when it comes time to write I can’t remember anything. I really think I’m aging. My hands are bothering me and I feel like I’m too young to get arthritis. My arm forearm has a shooting pain running down it whenever I put it out straight to the side. My knees are all banged up and my foot just never heals from this one blister. Everything else is OK though so I can’t complain much. This week I’ll try to put at least 2 long runs in if the weather holds but that’s really all there is on my agenda besides work. I sometimes laugh at people who are always say they are really busy because most of the time I have nothing to do. Every time someone asks me if I can do something on some future date my answer is always a yes because I have an open calender for the the rest of my life. It’s sort of depressing in one sense but I think I prefer doing nothing to doing something. Weak post I know but if you have been reading this for a while you’ll know that I write shit on Monday’s and it picks up as the week goes on.