I got my tax return today and the gov’t is owing me 3,800 dollars. Obviously one could make the argument that this isn’t a good thing because essentially I’m loaning the gov’t money for free. However, I contest that with the fact that if I had that money I would have blown it like Jenna Jameson. So that was a good start to my day.

I’m in 3rd place, tied with a lot of other schmags, in two pools and kindof bombing the 3rd one but I have Kentucky winning it in 2 and WVU in the other. I was making the argument that it’s not smart to pick Kansas this year because 75% of the pool will be picking them so it just puts you in the cluster fuck of people you have to beat. Meaning you have to pick a damn good bracket to beat all the other people who pick Kansas whereas if you pick another school and they do happen to win you have a better chance to win the pool and hence the money. This argument is the same as in poker. When you play a tournament, you play to win it, 1st place. I think Kansas is a good pick to win it but if you pick them your chances for winning the 1st place money decrease.

Today is a beautiful day filled with bball and booze.