This video is how Foster the People creates buzz about their upcoming album, Supermodel, that is going to be released on March 18th. Not only is the music video awesome, the song hooks you without even listening to it. I know this is a weird way to put it but it’s such a chill beat and the chorus isn’t overwhelming. This is exactly why I liked the first album so much, you could have it on and there was nothing in the music that made me say, “I don’t like this.” If you were having people over for a party, Foster the People would be the perfect mood setter.  This song takes over the formula of what made the first album so popular.

Torches was a mere 10 songs which is why people are going to go apeshit over this 12 track release. The best songs on Torches were passed over in my opinion. Waste and Warrant never even hit the radio. Coming of Age seems like it’s going to be hitting the radio in a big, big way with 80,000 Youtube views in the first day, it’ll hit a million by the end of the week. I’m even a little annoyed at myself because I’m going to play it out shortly and get sick of it.  The lyrics are concise but catchy.  I hate to even try to find meaning in them (because I’m probably wrong) but they’re about a guy who has people in his life that he has to leave behind in order to fulfill his personal goals which cause destruction.  The Coming of Age is understanding this.  The lyrics can be found here.

Mark Foster

Mark Foster

A quick dissection of the coolest part of the song, the music video. The build process of the mural is so unique and shows how long it really takes when compared to the world is neat to watch. I enjoyed the lady working at 2:45 because seeing someone in a day to day fast forward is eye catching. The traffic at 3:00 and how slowly the hoist moves when compared to the world nails it completely.   The end result seemed to be a woman in high heels, standing on gold and puking out lyrics that look to be a river in the city. A few of the lyrics read:

Aphids sucking the red off a rose
But for beauty I will gladly feed my life
Into the mouths of rainbows
Their technicolor teeth cutting prisms and smiling benevolently
On the pallid hue of the
Working class hero (a tribute to John Lennon perhaps?)

Also because I’m on top of the alternative music game, the video uses annotations to point out the following music videos:
Augustines – Nothing To Lose But Your Head

Body Language – The First

Wild Beasts – Wanderlust

Jake Bugg – A Song About Love