JKash sent me this link from Deadspin about RG3 posting a rant on Facebook wondering why fans cared about the sleeve he wears.   It’s definitely not worth the read because I can sum it up by calling it an unnecessary generic rant to a critiquing fan.  I have no clue what HTTR!!!! was at the end of his post though.    The best part of his rant was that it produced this comment by Martellus Bennent, the Chicago Bears TE.

Why a guy would take the time to write that in any source of medium is the real question. Martellus aptly points out that Facebook is heading the way of MySpace.  Although I don’t 100% agree with that, who still uses Facebook as a viable source of information? The Facebook page is such a joke compared to a Twitter account. It’s like comparing a black guy’s dick to an Asian guy.  Martellus has 20 tweets since he wrote this about RG3 and one of his recent tweet produced this gem:


This is what Facebook has come to.  It isn’t “cool” to be a part of Facebook anymore.  They’ve invited the world and everyone knows that it’s not cool to be part of a club that everyone is part of.   It’s a little sad really because I used to look forward to getting a Facebook friend.  Now I’m happy to accept but there isn’t any real feeling of accomplishment.  Now if I could actually get a Twitter follower, that would excite me.  Twitter followers are like the goddamn Stonecutters.  I almost feel like purchasing them just to build my self image and feel like people who actually use Twitter get to read my tweets.  Out of the 40 people who follow me, I’m pretty sure my tweets only reach 5 of them.  Out of my 400 Facebook friends, I have no purpose connecting with any of them.  This is why Facebook sucks now.


When I joined Facebook in 2004, it was cool because it was growing.  I’d go to a house party in college, find a girl that I know wouldn’t want to have sex with me, and try to be friends with her.  This made it fun because it turned a black out night into something of substance like getting her name and finding her on Facebook.  Now (and yes I am much older), Facebook isn’t about finding girls to sleep with.  It’s about sharing stupid links and dumb things that you are doing.  The worst part it, this content is coming from people who I barely even know.  I have 400 friends but only have about 50 people in my life who I care about.  This leaves 7/8 of my Facebook feed irrelevant.  I understand Facebook is having financial success but they sold out.  I doubt they crash and burn but they moved from my hip demographic to older, less popular people with more money.  #truth