If you’ve ever played Blackjack before, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the the Martingale betting strategy. Simply put, you double your bet every time you lose. If you have infinite wealth, you will always be up one bet. What I have going for me is the opposite because my strategy has my expectation at 0. This is probably why a betting strategy will never be named after me.

I collected 100 bucks as a referral from Sam signing up for Bovada. I took that 100 and put it on the Saints +8.5 which magically covered with a Colston TD in the waning moments. I then rolled the 190 on the Pats which was a relatively easy cover. So I have 372.73 in my account which I want to fully roll on the Panthers and then take those winnings and put them on the Charges with the points. If all things go correctly, I should end the day with over a K in my account. Notice though that this train of thought and betting strategy can only end in one way, me losing all of the money. Since it’s free money though, it makes it relatively easy to spend it so carelessly. Either way, I’ll at least have one more game of fun and hopefully can root hardcore for Sam’s premonition and the Chargers.

I stuck to beer this weekend and feel pretty good for a Sunday which is unique. I’m even hitting the gym the minute I stop typing this po