Jarret Jack would like the title.

On Tuesday, New Years Eve, I lost something that was dear to the warmth of my body, my jacket. A jacket in the winter time is essential for protection from the frigid temperatures that winter brings. My black Jos A. Bank jacket was perhaps my favorite article of clothing and best value purchase I’ve ever made. The coat was under a hundred bucks and I could wear it fashionably in temperatures warmer than 32 degrees. In fact, as long as I had the coat on, I didn’t even need any other fashionable items because no one could tell what was underneath it. It gave me the flexibility of not having to decide if my clothes were proper for the occasion. I never understood the importance of owning a fashionable coat opposed to a coat to keep you warm. This was all taken away from me on Tuesday.

In grade school, it was always the warmest coat was the best coat.  This was because you’d walk from your house to the bus and if there was ever recess, you’d need warm attire.  I used to rock these types of coats:

These coats don’t cut it anymore when you grow up.  You want to try to look like a mature human being and not a guy who can’t afford to upgrade the part of their attire which everyone sees first.  Here is a picture of a lookalike Jos A. Bank coat that got stolen.  It took me 5 minutes to get a picture of it which is how rare it is.



The best part about it is that you couldn’t over wear it.  If you wear the same sweatshirt for 5 days straight people will eventually call you out.  No one ever calls you out because of the jacket.  You are supposed to wear it when it’s cold.  Since you can wear a t-shirt underneath, it takes away from all long sleeve shirts that most people don’t have tons of.  This jacket was a serious hit to my wardrobe and now I have to decide if it’s worth waiting until someone probably doesn’t find it, or just suck it up and buy a new one.  Tragic.

I’m sure everyone is wondering how it got stolen but there really is no story behind it.  I went to a warehouse NYE party at Broad and Girard, not the best area I know, and there was a DIY coat room.  This was an actual legit party where they where security was checking ID’s so I wasn’t worried about any riff raff swiping it.  I strategically placed it on the upper row near one side of the rack.  As the night was finishing and I wanted to retrieve my coat and it wasn’t there.  I considered jacking some other poor saps coat, and knew many people were doing this, but I knew it wouldn’t solve anything.  I left empty handed.   My Nike running gloves were also casualties in the coat.