A Philly Bar dedicated to Philadelphia is needed in our city.  With all the Bar Rescue I’ve been watching, I decided to come up with my own idea for a bar.   Considering I haven’t seen this type of bar, I’m sure someone will steal the idea.  I also most likely won’t be making this happen in my near future so I don’t see why sharing it could be bad. Plus this post will at least give it some validity and a time stamp. I’ll break down my location, food, drink, and decor within.



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Center city of course.  Sure it’s the most expensive area but what better place to have a Philly bar than in the heart of the city.  Philly lacks what I consider a good sports bar.  The Fieldhouse is decent but it misses the mark with its table set up.  Fox and Hound is a step up but I still think I could do better.  Smith’s calls itself a sports bar but it’s not geared up for actually watching sports.  I don’t think Old City or Graduate Hospital area has the right crowd for this type of bar.  South Philly would probably work well because that is really Philly.  Either way, Center City has the money and the action and it’s where you need to be to hit the hot spot.




Everything Philly.  If it’s not from Philly, it isn’t served.   John’s Roast Pork cheese steak will be the model for the food.  Tasty cake dishes will man the desert.  Peanut Chews will be gratis for all to enjoy.  Soft pretzels will be made by Center City Pretzel.  This is it.  No variety.  You order a cheese steak or have yourself pretzel.   No soft shit here.




Yards, Philly Brewery, Dockside, Manayunk Brew Pub, and Triumph beers will be served.   This keeps everything local and these breweries can hold their own.  Only draft beers.  Same idea that everything stays in Philly.




Rocky statues and posters will line the wall.  DeSean’s punt return against the Giants, AI crossing up Jordan, and Brad Lidge’s World Series pitch will be looped nonstop on the monitors.    Heck, maybe even a Donovan McNabb poster will find its way in.  Nah!!!  Eagles banners will fly freely and Nick Foles will have his own personal seat after he becomes the Superbowl MVP.  We can all dream.   Another section of Philadelphia themed art by local artists will also have its place.  If you want to know the history of Philly, you’ll see it here.