The Color of Money is a 4 star movie.  The film is a sequel to the Hustler which also starred Paul Newman.  Newman is Fast Eddie Felson who has been out of the pool game for 25 years.  He runs into Vincent at a local pool hall and sees an incredible amount of talent and opportunity within the young pool shark.  Vincent doesn’t realize how good he is at first and it makes for an awesome dynamic between Eddie the teacher and Vincent the student.  The concept of Eddie taking Vincent and Carmen, his girlfriend, on the road to teach them how to hustle makes for many wonderful scenes.  The ending is a tab bit anti-climatic but the story is more about Fast Eddie and his conquest to be the absolute best.  The soundtrack also fits the movie perfectly where each song tells a greater part to the story.  The film is made in the details which is why this is a 4 star movie.  Here are some tidbits and analysis.


The Movie


The Shots

This movie makes pool fun.  9 ball isn’t a game that I see played very often but displaying some of the nuances of leaves and ways to attack the nine ball were awesome.



“On the Snap, Vincent” –   A pool term used to signify making the 9 ball on the break.

“Pool excellence is not about excellent pool.  It’s about becoming something.” – Eddie is explaining the act of hustling.  Forming a character that allows people to take him for granted during the hustle.

“I never kid about money.”
  -Eddie and the mentality he has regarding money

“If you’re too old to cut the mustard, you can lick the jar.” – Cutting the mustard refers to showing your skills so Carmen was saying that if Eddie isn’t good enough anymore, he can still lick the jar through Vincent.

“The best is the guy with the most, in all walks of life.” –  Couldn’t have put it better myself.

“Nice guys finish last.”
  – Carmen telling Vincent what showing mercy brings.

“Straight pool is pool.  This is like handball… or cribbage or something. Straight pool you got to be a real surgeon… to get it– You know, it’s all finesse. Now everything is 9ball because it’s fast… good for TV… good for a lot of break shots. Oh, well. What the hell. Checkers sells more than chess.” – Fast Eddie

“Maybe this game is just for bangers. But the thing is… even if it is just for bangers, everybody’s doing it. If everybody’s doing it… There’s a lot of guys doing it. A lot of guys doing it… but only one guy can be the best. – Vincent showing off his pool prowess during the scene which is pissing off Eddie.

“What you got in there?”  “In here… Doom.”
– Vincent referring to the Balbushka, his pool cue.

“Walk into a shoe store with 150 bucks… you leave with one shoe.” – Eddie comparing Vincent’s winnings to what he is trying to make in the grand scheme of this run.

“You remind me that – that money won is twice as sweet as money earned.” – Eddie’s philosophy

“Vincent, you win one more game… you’re gonna be humping your fist for a long time.”
– Carmen telling Vincent what will happen if he doesn’t dump the game.

“You think I need to lose some weight?”  – Amos after hustling Eddie.  Weight is referring to his abilities

“I didn’t deserve that.”  “Yes, you did.” – Eddie shows little remorse to his first round opponent.  Essentially saying that you deserve to lose to the better player.  Eddie takes pool extremely seriously.

“Wipe your nose, will you, Julian? – An awesome line after Eddie just missed the nine ball on the break and the one rolled right next to it giving Julian the game.  Eddie is basically saying, quit your crying when obviously he’s being sarcastic.

wipe your nose will you julian

“You want to play for the envelope? ls that it?”  “Whatever.” – This isn’t about money at this point.  Fast Eddie needs to be the best and no amount of money can determine who’s better.  It’s done on the table.

“Yeah. Just don’t put the money in the bank, kid. If I don’t whip you now… I’ll whip you next month in Dallas. Houston. Houston, Dallas. If not, a month after that in New Orleans. ” What makes you so sure?”  “Hey, I’m back.”
   – Eddie’s determination and fire lit under him now that Vincent is a fierce competitor.



It’s in the Way that You Use It  by Eric Clapton – Played while Vincent is using the Balbushka

One More Night by Phil Collins – Signifying the return of Fast Eddie Felson.

Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon – Vincent playing pool at this point of the movie was signifying that him showing off with the Balbushka is letting a wild man on the street.  At that point in time, Vincent was unknown and playing with the finest pool cue which could have potentially ruined the entire hustle.