Jkash told me my last entry was lame, Jill said she was disappointed with the short entries, and Wagon doesn’t like it unless I write about money or sports. I would just like to say that it’s not easy to come up with quality posts daily and I’m not really a writer. I used to get B’s in English and my papers were usually weak sauce. However, all the negative thoughts aside, the one thing I have going for me is that if I can write something that entertains me, then most likely it will entertain you. I keep this blog for no other reason than to put my thoughts on paper and to have a history of my life. I don’t plan to make money off it, thus no advertisements. In some sense I would like to have more readers only to fulfill a sense of accomplishment that I could create something that people actually want to read. I actually hesitate sometimes to write things down because people can take everything I write in here literally and personally and think I’m making attacks which is never the case. Some thoughts by me on life.

– Guys shouldn’t do Yoga classes
– Don’t run outside in shorts if the weather is 45 degrees or lower
– It’s not ok to not visit the dentist
– Soda is bad for you and can lead to pancreatic cancer. Do not want.
– Too much Iced Tea leads to kidney stones
– People who only walk on treadmills bother me
– You should own a nice pair of jeans (no wrangler or levis)
– Wearing t-shirts more than once (for the whole day) without washing them after is not OK
– Unless you’re over 40, the mustache is a difficult look to pull off
– Lights for your car should auto turn on and off anytime the car starts whether dark or night
– Listening to Elton John doesn’t make you gay
– Listening to Adam Lambert does
– The #2 pencil will go down in the history books
– The big bang theory was not 5,000 years ago
– You should have at least 4 pair of shoes. 2 casual to swap looks, one athletic, and one dress. Sandals are ok
– I bite my fingernails but never below the nail
– You should own at least one suit
– Compliments are good ice breakers
– The richest counties are predominantly in the northeast so I think this should be good data for where the brains of the country are located
– Although I find hand cream to be feminine, I have used it on occasion
– The CD is a dying breed
– The spoon and fork should be replaced by the spork, it would really save on the amount of silverware produced
– Girls at bars need to get off their high horse. Basically girls are shallow, irrational, and notoriously bad drivers. I don’t really believe this but the more I pay attention, the more I see it.
– What’s amazing is that we live in the best country and it’s run by a govt who steals from it’s people and a corporate world run by thieves.
– The shocker is my new photo trademark. If you want to take a picture with me I’ll ruin it with the shocker, just a warning.

The older I get the less dependent on other people I’ve become. I can see myself as one of those regulars at a diner who come in at the same time everyday, order the same thing, read the same paper, and work that routine year after year. The highlight of my day is waking up and then living the first hour. I get in my car, listen to music I like, eat my bbq sunflower seeds, get a breakfast I enjoy, and then reading the Wall Street Journal to keep me up to date on what’s happening in the business world. That makes me happy. That and listening to music when I’m drunk. I don’t need a lot of money or fancy cars or a mansion. I wrote it before, give me a place to live, a warm environment with a golf course and nothing to do and that’s what I want. I’d wake up, do my routine, go for a run, and then spend my time golfing or reading. I would prefer that lifestyle to what I’m doing now which is working the grind 5 days a week and then getting wasted the rest of the time. The working leads to the drinking which leads to the problems. I’m a pretty simple person with simple needs. I don’t aspire to change the world or make a difference. Maybe I’ll find someone that makes me happy and have some little TC’s but not until I can take care of myself, can I take care of anyone else.

No mistakes this time Jill.