I don’t have much material but I figured I’ll update anyhow so I don’t disappoint any Monday workers who are looking to kill some time. Believe me, I know Monday is easily the worst work day of the week. When you start on Monday it is the most possible time left of the work week and that feeling alone is tough to overcome. On Friday night I went to the Borgata by myself. This was intentional as to stay away from alcohol and hopefully have a tame night. So I played poker to start for about 4 hours. I ended up losing 250 and it was easily the worst I’ve played in a long time. Basically people were catching cards on the turn and river against me and my moves were getting owned. I stacked one guy with AA on a q9292 board and he had 88 literally gifting me his last 70 dollars. Then I lost some on a stupid move against a fish and then I stacked another guy with 99 when I turned a 9 and he had qq with an A on board so I’m not really sure what he was doing. Besides those two big hands I couldn’t get anything going and left frustrated. So I decided to play some Pai Gow and turned 300 into 700 after a few hours and decided to leave at 1:45 in the morning up a hundred plus dollars. It only took me exactly 1 hour and 1 minute to get back from AC to Manayunk.

On Saturday I woke up and did a 7 mile run which was my first run outside since fall. I felt ok but I’m no where near where I need to be to break an hour for the broad street run. I still have plenty of time to train and hopefully the weather will allow me to run outside more often. My knees were bothering me a bit after I ran and today I was still feeling it. Saturday was my standard get too drunk and not have a fun time. I started drinking at around 530 and by 11 I was wasted. The bartender gives me free drinks so that doesn’t really help my cause. I really have to start drinking later. If I started all my weekends at 9pm I would have better chance for fun. As is I’m just completely wasting my time and fun.

Things have been pretty normal lately. People are going to AC for the A10 tourney which I don’t have a huge amount of interest in but it’s a much needed change of pace from the norm. I’m going to try to get my usual exercise in and keep on keeping on. I have a couple of ideas for this blog upcoming so stay tuned in. As Chad pointed out I need a line at the end of each post that is like a signature. I haven’t come up with one but I’m thinking about it.