Here is a story I read on Yahoo in which a deaf father hears his daughter Ashley, sing for the very first time due to new technology. Staying with the theme of the last post and understanding why magazine covers re-touch images of beautiful people, this story has the similar idea. Is this a worthy story if the 15 year old girl isn’t pretty and can sing well?

If an ugly person with a terrible voice was heard for the first time by their parents, it’s not making the news. There is no argument to this because it’s 100% the truth. The media sets the way things are perceived. Stories are not stories unless they contain beautiful people, a miracle occurs, or something tragic happens. That’s it. I’d like to think that they sell this story because it’s so heartwarming.

The media does there best to touch your heart. They are these manipulative, incredibly thoughtful, money hungry, dirt bags who share these stories so you feel emotion and register where you received this information. This quote is nice and all by Ashley, “He was sobbing. I was holding back. At that moment we were inseparable,” Ashley shares. “Now my life is fulfilled. I love to sing, and my parents can’t hear, which is heartbreaking. But now my dad can hear me, and it’s awesome.” I’m probably a heartless person, but the older I get the more I see how things are being done. Could I be wrong and this is just a feel good story? Perhaps, but then show me these things happening to normal people.

We should ask the father the question my twitter feed poses.