I don’t want to devote an entire post to my weekend because it wasn’t that interesting but I have nothing in the blog pipeline so it puts me in a spot. I’m going to share some of the highlights from the past few days in brief form and that should give me some time to prepare for a new post with some actual thought in it.

– My Spotify playlist is killing it right now as it’s filled with new music galore. Since I’ve seen exactly 0 new followers, I’m aware that no one listens.

– My Fanduel team will take 1st place if Josh McCown outscored DeMarco Murray by 8 and Alshon Jeffrey scores less than 12. It was a 50 dollar 10 man league with 3rd taking 90, 2nd 145, and 1st 225. I’d like to think I can manage a 2nd but 3rd seems likely.

– Missing the fantasy playoffs in 4 leagues is damaging considering how awesome football was yesterday and how well my team in Evan’s league would have performed. 2 things, not starting Stafford against the Rock and Chad beating me by .2 kept me out of 2 playoffs.

– I spelled the title wrong in my last post and I’m not sure if no one saw or just didn’t want to comment.

– I went out in Manayunk on Saturday and have no desire to go back.

– McKayla Maroney turned 18 and she will spearhead my next post.