I went to watch the rec bball league in Conshy that a bunch of my friends play in. Before the game Ck4, Jeff, and I ate some wings at the Bayou in Manayunk and CK4 loaded up on a quantity of 30, 25 cent wings an hour before the game. I thought this may have slowed him down a bit but he wasn’t worried. The other team was wearing these bizarre camo shirts and looked kind of scrubbish but as I’ve learned many times over, you can’t judge a book by the cover. Bud opened the game with a quick deuce off a board and continued his hot start routine. I think the lead may have gotten to double digits but ended only up a few at the half on a rainbow 3 by some dweeb on the other team. Not much changed in the 2nd half as the team started strong and was hitting buckets. Things got interesting towards the end with some interesting play. With about a 1:30 left it was a tight game with our team up a few and they needed to foul 9 consecutive times to get to the penalty. Once this happened, we shot decent from the line but they weren’t missing anything. They tied the game up with 6 seconds remaining on some poor defense. Amazingly, they were in foul mode and fouled Corey with 2.8 seconds to play to send him to the line. He made both shots and the game ended. Very strange. Below is the box score from my efforts. I don’t claim 100% accuracy so don’t tell me about a block you had in the beginning of the game.