Tex Mex 5k in Hot Hot Heat

2014 TexMex5K LeadinLast night I did the Tex Mex 5k.  The race was held in Lansdale and it was 80+ degrees and humid.  It’s a fairly sizable 5k getting 1,500 people to run.

I parked my car about a 5 minute walk away in a large parking lot which was nice.  I stashed my keys under my tire and a woman of 50 years saw me do it.  I thought that if she was going to steal my car, more power to her.  I ran over to the starting area and got my bib while also getting a bracelet which entitled me to a free beer after the race.  I ran back to the car and dropped off my t-shirt and ID and headed to meet up with CK4 and Nikkii.  We met at near the starting line and Nathan was there too helping out with the race.

There weren’t many people in the front of the race so I was able to get a spot easily.  There seemed to be a few decent runners but I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The race went off exactly at 7pm and I was running with the 2nd pack of about 10 people.  A few girls were with me and I figured that wouldn’t last.

We came through the first mile at 5:30 or so and I was feeling pretty good.  A half mile uphill followed and then some downhill.  The 2 mile time was messed up but I hadn’t felt like I slowed down much.  After another longish uphill, someone in the crowd said it was all downhill from here.  I wasn’t sure if that was true or not (turns out it was) and I started picking up some distance on the guys in front of me.  A turn at the end led to the finish line and I had a mediocre kick.  I finished at 17:28 which was good for 9th place.  I was pretty pleased.

post2Nikkii broke 27 minutes which was good on a hot day, Lisa was 29:30, and CK4 managed a 32:45 performance which is a head shaker.  We met up afterwards and ate the chicken/salsa mix, chips, and a delicious cookie.  The beer by Prism was also quite good.  They served it properly by having all the cups laid out and there was no line.  We all ate the food together and lounged around the Tex Mex outside area where a band was playing.

I enjoyed the race and would do it again next year.  The cost was 42 bucks which is on the high side but there were a lot of extras involved.  All in all, money well spent.

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5k! Is That the Distance or the Cost?

Holy Ravioli Batman, the cost to pay people to let you race is getting out of control!  There are two upcoming local Philly races I signed up for today and are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  The races are the Phil’s 10k and the Tex Mex 5k.  Each race has its own unique situation that once analyzed should make things clear.


Phil’s 10k

Phil's 5kPhil’s 10k is a re-created race that was once a 5k, and I assume, due to falling participants, tried something different.  This is the 13th annual Phil’s race and I have been doing it since 2002.  The old 5k was held on a Wednesday in July and the temperature was always sweltering.  Without looking at the actual numbers and strictly by memory, at the peak, the race was drawing around ~500 people and last year dipped to around 350.  The race was feeling stale and the AARC did something about it.

What changed? 

  • The distance moved from a 5k to a 10k
  • The price went from $25 (with a shirt) to $15 (with an additional option of adding a shirt for $8.)
  • Date was moved to a Saturday morning at 8am (it should read this on the homepage)

My Thoughts

  • Award in the Old Man's age group.

    Award in the Old Man’s age group.

    I like not having to get a shirt.  I don’t wear race shirts.  I run all the time and buy the equipment I need from top manufacturers.  Normally race shirts aren’t the cream of the crop and I won’t wear them especially due to the advertising on them.

  • 10k distance is a fine switch but I think this probably deters more people than brings in.
  • I’ll never complain about the $15 price.  I even donated an extra $10 because of how cheap the race is.  I only donate money when it feels right.
  • Saturday Morning during vacation time is questionable.
  • Prize money is awarded which may draw some higher quality runners.


Tex Mex 5k

2014 TexMex5K LeadinI’ve never done the Tex Mex so understand this comes from what I’ve heard and seen.


  • The first thing I do when I’m signing up for a race I don’t know much about is look at the winning time and how many people participated.  I don’t like small races that I think I have a shot at winning.  This race gets 1,500 people and a winning pace around 5 minute miles.  Check.
  • From what I hear, the after party is an actual after party with alcohol and everything.  This I like.
  • I like the change of pace on a Wednesday summer night and having something to look forward during the week.


  • $42.00!!!!! to do a 5k?  Are you kidding me.  This race is bringing in $63,000 dollars.  I don’t know race costs but this is a lot of money going to a watershed.


Closing Thoughts

running_motivational_02Running is getting expensive the more popular it gets.  The Art Museum is closed every single weekend for some race to benefit some cause.  I don’t mind opening up my wallet to do a race but I think the Philly half marathon used to cost me around 50 bucks and now that’s what a 5k is getting?  There are some special races that can ask for a premium but there are hundreds of races to choose from nowadays and they all can’t be special.

This post was created in honor of National Running Day and Sam’s smart thoughts on it.


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