Storage Wars Fake

Storage Wars is Fake!?!?!?!

Taken straight from Barstool.
MSN“Storage Wars” star David Hester says in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that he was fired after complaining that the reality show is staged. In his lawsuit, Hester contends that the producers of the hit A&E series routinely plant valuable items in the storage lockers seen on the show. Competitors place bids on the lockers without knowing what is inside them, hoping to come across forgotten treasures. The lawsuit pulls no punches, alleging that “nearly every aspect of the series is faked, even down to the plastic surgery that one of the female castmembers underwent in order to create more ‘sex appeal’ for the show …” The lawsuit says the surgery was paid for by the show’s production company, Original Productions. Hester also contends in the suit that Original Productions manipulates the outcome of auctions by placing bids on behalf of “the weaker castmembers who lack … both the skill and financial wherewithal to place winning bids.”

Of course Storage Wars is fake. Duh. Anybody with a brain knew that. There is just no way Darrell Sheets can always know what everything is that he finds in a storage locker the instant he sees it. Dude is the biggest idiot on the planet yet somehow he knows what everything is. Oh that’s a 18th century record player. Oh that’s the type of steel that is used to make titanium rods for peoples legs. Oh that’s the inside of a movie projector from the 60’s. Shut up Darrell. There is no way you can know all that shit unless somebody told you beforehand and there is no way you have a friend who specializes in that shit either. Fake as can be. Don’t get me wrong I still watch it from time to time, but I just suspend belief. Now Antiques Roadshow that’s a different story. That’s my joint. And if that ends up being fake I’ll probably just kill myself Royal nurse style.

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Fake Storage Wars loses its luster

After watching Tuesday’s episodes I’ve come to the conclusion that the show is not what it once was. Previously I’ve given reasons for why the show is fake but this is a new feeling. I dislike how things have a set-up feel to them. Barry finding that magicians head trick was such an act. The producers decided to throw that trick into a locker so that they could use the magicians store scene as filler for the show. It’s hokey. They first do a trick where they make Barry’s car disappear and then he has to open the door with a magic word. Also the telescope was strange too. Barry bids on a locker, wins it and then decides to sell it to Darrell at a loss? Darrell amazingly sees this bronze piece which the camera was sure to focus in on while the unit was selling. The bronze piece turns out to be a telescope and there just happens to be one store that specializes in telescopes. Unless that guy is willing to buy it, I’m pretty sure he’s not getting hundreds of dollars for it.

I’m really not trying to rag on the show because it’s technically where most of my traffic comes from. Well actually it’s not the show so much as people googling “Storage Wars Fake” and “Brandi Passante Stripper” but I have to tell it like it is. Reality to me has always been what I like to watch. The first few episodes made me feel this way. This new season seems to me like they are trying too hard to “make a show.” This is where I think the producers are missing the point. They are trying to entertain but what they don’t realize is that the reality is the entertainment. Not Barry visiting a magic store. The live bidding, they untapped lockers, the fights between characters. I’m not sure if it got lost or what but something seems amiss.

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Storage Wars Fake!?!

Here’s a video from Storage Wars of an editing mistake.

Now does this prove that the existence of the show is fake? Not in my book. What do people think happened? That the producers took a shot with boxes stacked up neatly and then ransacked the unit to place some good items. People are sold on the fact that this is what happens in this show. Everything is fixed and the producers set up good items before hand so that the show is more interesting. I have no proof that they don’t do this but I also haven’t seen any proof that they do. My take is that they have a load of footage from various units and we see the best ones. Now what I do find a bit interesting is that sometimes the facility is only auctioning a half dozen units and I’m not really what is being found in other units. The idea that the characters are really actors is absurd. Here’s a video of Dave Hester being a real person.

I would feel like a real dope if the show really was a hoax and set up. It certainly doesn’t feel that way. My main argument regarding these “reality” shows is that these people aren’t that good of actors. They aren’t smart enough to fake these performances. I’ve said this about various shows because Sammie and Ronnie deserve Emmy’s for their performances year after year if it’s all fake. These characters act like they dislike each other and that’s a hard thing to fake so accurately. I have made one conclusion that is truth though. I’m fairly certain Brandi was a stripper in past years. The one episode she says “all we found here were stripper singles,” and most people wouldn’t use that expression without some background. I’ve said before that I really feel like this series only has one strong season because the show will start to compromise it’s integrity during the 2nd season for a variety of reasons discussed here. No matter though, whether it’s real or fake, I still bit so call me part of the dumb masses.

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