Flopping is Gay

2 basketball posts in 2 days complaining about the NBA. BORING! You’ll also notice I used the word “gay”in the title and this world pretty much has a problem with calling anything gay that isn’t a man having sex with another man. Flopping in basketball is acting like you got fouled when you didn’t which could possibly be construed as gay because it is an effeminate move. Hence the title.

What you’ll see below is a bonafide problem in the NBA.

Refs need to be told by the league to call the game different. Raise the level of called fouls from a 5 to an 8. Touching is no longer a foul. Flopping never gets called. Players get away with dirtier plays. Take basketball back to the way it was played in the 80’s when the Pistons implemented the Jordan Rules. This was back when people actually cared about the NBA.

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NBA Hipster Glasses

I’m taking no credit for this post but I saw it on another forum and decided it was worthwhile. Just my personal opinion, but these new players look moronic. Old school rec specs were legit.

AHHH, Now that’s better!

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