McDonald’s Milk Shake vs Au Naturel

As a youth I had an affinity towards ice cream, specifically McDonald’s milk shakes. One of the best parts of my life was when Bud Schmidt and I would get a nugget meal from McDonald’s and washed it down with a shake before our Playoff baseball games. I also used to have a bowl of ice cream after dinner every night when I was growing up. Nance would buy this chocolate flavor mixed with these peanut butter sections and it was unreal. Then I moved to cookies and cream and Oreo Blizzards in High School. Now I rarely eat ice cream at all. I think it was because in college I just would never eat dessert and now I don’t really care for the taste plus I know it’s bad for you. Considering I eat fast food whenever I please the last point might not have much validity but still it’s a mind thing. I’m not saying I never do but when I do it’s really just treating myself every so often. There’s the background, now the point of this post.

Down in Cape May this past weekend I went to an ice cream shoppe and bought a milk shake. It was in a 20-24 oz cup and it cost me over 5 bucks. It was made with real ice cream and real milk and blended in front of me. Obviously I thought this was expensive for a milk shake but I wasn’t freaking out over it. I drank it down and it tasted fine but I wasn’t blown away at a steep 5 dollar bill. Tonight I waited in line at McDonald’s and ordered a 2.69 cents medium, vanilla milk shake. They asked me if I wanted a cherry and whipped cream and I politely declined. I think this is a marketing ploy to fill up less of the shake. Anyway, it was delicious. It blew the real shake out of the water. Plus it was cheaper. I don’t care if I’m drinking artificial tasting cream and sugar. It was magnificent and it was worth every health risk. I’m giving McDonald’s two major thumbs up for a great tasting, great priced product. It’s 550 calories by the way. Winner, winner chicken dinner. Just and FYI to close, Wendy’s was selling a large lemonade for 2.50+!?!? Who is going to pay that for lemonade when I can have a delicious milk shake!