What a day

To mere mortals, I had a better day than most people can dream of. I woke up at 6 yesterday went to the gym, did some weights and ran 2 miles in 11:45. I went to work after that and with one distraction at around 9, I worked efficiently and flawlessly till 5pm. I ran another 5 miles or so when I got home and went to the driving range after that. Then Wagon and I went to Mad River where I made some connections with pretty much the hottest bartender there is. She’s not really on board with the free drinks but I got her to make a mind eraser with Stoli instead of Vlad? for the same price so I’m pretty sure she’ll cave with some more convincing. The bottom line is that I pretty much owned the day. From 6am till I probably between 12 and 1 I was awesome. I sometimes go through these phases of big ego’s and it’s not so much because I think I’m that great, but more so because I take pride in what I can accomplish. It’s like there is me for 95% of the time, but for 5% a Bruce Wayne character shows up. I’m not fighting any crime or helping anyone out but I just take major pride in myself. It’s probably because my bac is .25 right now and I feel invincible but I really think I’m set for big things.

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Finally Friday

So I started this day off with a nice picture of myself. It’s 8:53. I’m at work. My BAC is probably still in the .2’s. This is really what it’s all about. Last night J Kash and I went to Mad River. We had 3-4 beers before we left and then got there a little after 9pm. The last time I was there I tipped the waitress a 20 on a 10 dollar tab because I thought she forgot to add drinks we bought but in reality I paid for them at the bar. So the same girl is tending to our needs and I order us some mind eraser’s for the fun of it. So she comes back with 3 and does one with us and we got her name and she was really cool. She said her name was Christy but J Ka$h thought she said Destiny. So that led into her telling us she uses stripper names with customers she doesn’t like and her #1 stripper name was Candy. Obvious inside joke but funny nonetheless. So the night progresses and I’m drinking as much as I can. At one point I order a double red bull and vodka and a beer (I was triple fisting all night) and she charges me 24. So I protest and she offers 19 and douses my drink with vodka so that pretty much fucked me up. The band was pretty good and there are pockets of girls with no guys around. So I was having a blast throughout the night. I didn’t bring home any putang but sometimes just getting back is a success in itself. So I woke up like this.

It’s 9 and I’m still fucked up but I had a great time last night. If you aren’t going out on Thursday’s you are really blowing it. I saw this girl who knows all the words to the songs and it’s pretty hot so I asked her name at the end of the night and I can’t remember it now. I’m pretty much just rambling at this point but I really enjoyed myself last night. Jc bought 2 sausage mcmuffins and asked me if I wanted one and I asked him why he bought 2 and he said that the 2 for 3 deal is too good to pass up so I just chomped one of them down. I take great pride in not making grammatical errors but I’m too messed up to care. I’m wearing my glasses in the picture because I think my contacts are the wrong prescription and I couldn’t chance driving to work drunk and not able to see. I’m not really drunk but I swear if I got pulled over I’d probably fail a breathalyzer this morning. I know I’m not myself cause when I was driving in I heard Tik Tok and was singing along. All I know is I’m happy it’s Friday and there is only today of work because I couldn’t do many more work days like this. In closing if you read this and want to have a good time on Thursday, hit me up. Mad River is like Reed’s but there are way hotter girls and it’s a better place. I swear there were 9’s and 10’s all over. I’m just looking forward to next week. If I could play my weekends like I did last night I would have a much better time.

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