To mere mortals, I had a better day than most people can dream of. I woke up at 6 yesterday went to the gym, did some weights and ran 2 miles in 11:45. I went to work after that and with one distraction at around 9, I worked efficiently and flawlessly till 5pm. I ran another 5 miles or so when I got home and went to the driving range after that. Then Wagon and I went to Mad River where I made some connections with pretty much the hottest bartender there is. She’s not really on board with the free drinks but I got her to make a mind eraser with Stoli instead of Vlad? for the same price so I’m pretty sure she’ll cave with some more convincing. The bottom line is that I pretty much owned the day. From 6am till I probably between 12 and 1 I was awesome. I sometimes go through these phases of big ego’s and it’s not so much because I think I’m that great, but more so because I take pride in what I can accomplish. It’s like there is me for 95% of the time, but for 5% a Bruce Wayne character shows up. I’m not fighting any crime or helping anyone out but I just take major pride in myself. It’s probably because my bac is .25 right now and I feel invincible but I really think I’m set for big things.