My mother texted me the other day and asked, “how are things going?” I replied with, “all good, the days are passing”. As with the majority of times I write something, I was aware that this may be construed as depressing. I pride myself on telling it like it is and I went with this answer because it was the truth. The Earth doesn’t stop spinning and time doesn’t wait for you. You either make things happen or watch it pass by. I’m casually watching it pass by but enjoying it as it goes. Things are looking up though.

One nice thing is that I’m finally able to work out properly again. Today I put down 4, 6 minute miles on a treadmill which was a huge undertaking considering how out of it I’ve been the past 6 weeks. My knee injury really sidelined me and its taken to this point until I’m close to what I’d say is full strength. Not surprisingly, I got hurt as I felt I was nearing my peak athletic performance but the reason being I was pushing myself as hard as possible. This injury wasn’t by mishap. Stupidity perhaps, but trying as hard as I could push my body led to injury. I’m finally back to running again and it feels good to be able to get back to regular form.


The two things that I need to do coming up are learn German and learn to ski. I’m heading to Germany in February and it would be nice to learn the language. The problem is that I find it incredibly time consuming and boring. I still have plenty of time but it’s not something I enjoy. Learning to ski is a completely different matter(horn). I got frostbite on my foot in college and hate the cold weather. In February, I have a colleague who wants to take me skiing on the alps. This is obviously intimidating considering he grew up on the mountain and I’ve barely completed a green circle. I plan on heading to a mountain over the course of the next few months if anyone is interested. I would even coordinate the trip if I can get enough people. The comment section wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Anyway, these little challenges just take some time to learn and I can overcome them but as I said before, I’m not wild about either.

Other than that, life is good and I’m feeling good physically and mentally. Winter is coming and I expect good things to come.