If this is what it feels like to hit 30, I’m ready to quit. Where to even begin. After a surprise party held for me on Friday night, I woke up on Saturday feeling pretty good. I’m not sure how there were so many people there because I only have about 5 friends. Thanks to Laura and Amber, although I’m sure there were many others, who contributed. The night was pretty fun and the ending hours were a complete blur. The places was a mess and Laura, Brookes, and I did some clean up. The 3 of us and Pat got some breakfast at a nearby Cafe and I had to prepare for a doubleheader of football.

This was my first game I’ve played since hurting my knee and it went pretty poorly. We won the first game without too much trouble but the 2nd game was bruising. I was thrown 2 passes and both were intercepted. Add on two plays of getting torched on D and I definitely sucked. The whole team was feeling the same way during this beating. I returned home to a keg from last night and Jeff, Pat, and the Biebs decided to do some work. We had bought tickets to the Limousines at Milkboy which was a bargain for 10 dollars. Milkboy had a special that was a shot of Jack and a beer for 6 bucks and I think I did 4 of them. We, I, picked up a random tall girl from California who was tatted up and completely by herself. We took her to some house party and it was all pretty standard for being completely not standard. The night concluded at 4 am which left me pretty dead for Sunday.

Ck4 was calling me on Sunday to watch football and I wasn’t having it. I finally ended up moving at around 12:30 and headed to the Shee’s to watch the games with Chad. My FanDuel teams all crapped out and the Wild Turkeys are finished which leaves me devastated. I’m still completely sore from football, dehydrated from the weekend, and have a basketball game tonight which will leave me just as tired as I am today. As much fun as I had over the weekend, I’m paying for it in recovery. Might be a slow few days on the site.