Week 2 of fantasy football has come and gone and I’m sitting precisely average. If AJ Green goes off tonight I lose one game but win the other. I’d prefer him to get decapitated on the first play of the game which would mean Chad beats me but I’d take a needed win in Evan’s league. I started last season 1-4 though so 0-2 is nothing to cry about. The hardest thing about fantasy is knowing when you have a guy who’s injured but his reputation makes you want to play him (Fitzgerald). I also went 2-2 on my betting for the weekend which netted -$2.38. Yesterday I didn’t move out of the couch for 9 straight hours. I did watch Breaking Bad and Dexter though.

The weekend was fairly standard with a reasonably tame Friday night that started with terrible service at Mad Mex. Team Primetime dominated another co-ed football game with Bake having a line that was 300 yards, 8 tds and no picks. Saturday was the Floyd Mayweather fight and that proved to be anti-climatic as he just out-boxed Alvarez. I had 30 bucks on Garcia and he was going off at +200 so that proved to be a decent bet. I also played my first game of Can Jam which wasn’t too bad. I stayed up real late on Saturday and wasted all of Sunday. C’est la vie. Rough Monday morning post but it’s something.