August produced my lowest post total since December 09′. This doesn’t come as much as surprise since I spent a large part of it outside of my “home”. I put the home part in quotes because I’ve been being a nomad as of late. Starting in the middle of August I went from the shore, to Lake Placid, to OCMD in perpetual vacation mode. Today though will mark the changing of the seasons. This is apropos considering I’m listening to The Changing of the Seasons by Two Door Cinema Club. I moved back in with parents at the ripe age of 29 to wait 27 days for my settlement date to arrive for the house I purchased. I have mixed feelings but I think this time will come and go quickly.

I’m fairly happy that the summer is over which sounds crazy I know. It marks another period in my life that comes to a close. I’ve wrote before how life comes in periods of time and this was another one. My living situation is changing, my money is disappearing, and life is starting with a clean slate and a challenge that I’ve not had before. I’m moving out of my comfort zone and I think when that happens it makes you try harder. As I continue to age I think it’s important to add new responsibilities. Nice and cozy is bullshit. The people who get complacent aren’t the ones who accomplish what they are meant to. Even if this house purchase blows up in my face and the entire thing was a terrible decision, I’ll come out of the situation with an experience. This wasn’t happening in my current situation of renting. If you don’t take risks you don’t achieve that next level.

I see my brother reading the 7 Principals of Highly Effective People and when I read it a few years ago I was captivated by the ideas. It’s funny how you can act while reading the book and then 2 years after. It’s not that I forgot the principals but it’s unrealistic to act how a book tells you. I remember when the Shee was reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, it was like he turned into a different person trying to implement the ideas. During this phase of his, I kept thinking how much I liked the old, “real” Shee better than the formed one. My point is that everyone needs to be themselves. It’s important to know and learn all of the golden rule, be positive, how to talk to people appropriately but at the end of the day, you are you. Everyone has a different way of living their life and that’s a-ok. I’m beginning another stage of mine.