I’ve been bogged down with life events and it’s detracting from this site. I’m backed up about 6 hours on television that I want to watch, (Breaking Bad, Dexter, Ray Donovan, and Orange is the New Black) and work, and this home buying thing are taking my free time. The house is a pain in the ass with the detail and constant back and forth between people who want my money. It constantly feels like I’m opening up my wallet for every Tom, Dick, and Harry (I wanted to write that expression so that you can use it in your everyday life). Combine this with the moving out of 444 that has to be finished up by the end of August and I’m in motion. I also have plans to head down to OCMD this weekend and that shortens things up even further. It’s all good stuff but the relaxing is far and few between.

The origins of my posts come from my abstract (a good word for idiotic) thinking and I haven’t had time for it lately. I do feel like I’m on point mentally and have been honing in on good decisions and behavior. I know this is a scary thought but I would almost say I’m growing up. As in I see people my own age or younger and know that I’ve seen and have more experience that allows me to work certain conversations or situations to my advantage. I could probably write an entire post about this next point but I’ll keep it short. During my interactions with people I’m basically bullshitting the entire time. That’s not all true but you have to understand that an element of knowing how to act comes from not being yourself but being who someone wants you to be. As long as you realize this, than I’m not sure any of it is bullshitting. Take business for instance, I’ve talked to so many people on the phone in terms of getting them the right tools for the job that I’ve learned how to put myself in their position and tell them what they want to hear. I truly do care about getting them the right tools for the job but I also care about making sales. Now I consider if one of our customers read that last comment and he’d think I’m a completely phony but he’d be incorrect because I’m providing value and will bend over backward to make it right. I’ve gotten good at dealing with people. I’m not a sycophant (a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.), but I also feel like I can be manipulative without any mean intentions. I hope somebody understands what I’m trying to get across because I know it’s not clear but it’s important. To sum it up in a sentence, I’m fake by being totally real. Or real by being totally fake.

No picture for the post because there wasn’t 1 thing I could think of to put.