OJ Simpson

Fox News – OJ has spent the last 5 years in a correctional facility for his attempted “theft” of sports memorabilia. His charges were criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, assault, robbery, and using a deadly weapon. On December 5, 2008, Simpson was sentenced to a total of thirty-three years in prison with the possibility of parole after about nine years, in 2017. This news story was 5 years after the incident and OJ expressing regret constitutes front page news. I particularly loved that he is described as an “upstanding inmate who earns pennies an hour keeping gym equipment sanitized and umpiring and coaching games in the prison yard.” I feel for OJ.

I read the book called, IF I Did It, which is a hypothetical confession. The rights were given to the Goldman family but it was written by OJ and supposedly the truth. The foreword by the Goldman family was boring and unnecessary. The following chapters, written by OJ, were the meat and potatoes and a page turning affair. He obviously described himself as a caring husband who did nothing but golf (it’s ridiculous how much golf he played) and Nicole as a drug crazed, psychotic woman. I found this to be honest. The description of the murder was detailed, except for the actual murdering, as he invented a second character called Eddie and used the “I blacked out” during what happened excuse. I concluded that it must have been Eddie that did the murders from this books viewpoint except that OJ never even draws that conclusion at any point. The book is basically a confession because I’m fairly certain Eddie didn’t exist. The description of the Bronco chase was interesting too because he had planned to kill himself at some point and was so enraged with what the media was reporting about him that he changed his mind because they were all lies. He was heavily on medication during that time period and basically lived the aftermath of the murders on drugs. It was a captivating read, at least OJ’s story told by him. Everything else was unreadable.

I thought the book was a realistic, truthful representation of the way OJ felt things unfolded. I believe that 95% of what he wrote in that book was legit and he did make it seem like Nicole was a screwball on drugs such as coke. Obviously I couldn’t ever say that she should be killed for being a woman on drugs but OJ was dealing with an emotional, unstable female – his description. He made it quite apparent how many times she went back and forth on whether they should be together or apart. They divorced at one point and then were making efforts trying to get back together constantly which was odd. She’d call him at all hours talking about her boyfriends and other nonsensical issues. How it got to the point of killing 2 people is where the OJ fascination lies. He should have been found guilty at that trial because he definitely did it. As so, he should still be, and is, behind bars but his side of the story makes him come off as a guy who made one itsy bitsy mistake, killing 2 people. We can all relate, no?