An opposing view of a similar case to the Martin - Zimmerman

An opposing view of a similar case to the Martin – Zimmerman

The victims of the above description

The victims of the above description

Back on March 28th, 2012, I shared a story that has been landed on and liked quite a few times over the last few days. It even has nods on Google plus which is virtually unheard of. The gist of the story is that a young white couple was raped, tortured, and eventually murdered by 4 black males and a female. The details can be read from this wikipedia page. Have you ever even heard about this case? Why not? Simply put, reporting black on white crime is politically incorrect.

Now if these black people murdered the white people because they hated white people, I bet it would have received national attention? Throwing in the element of racism immediately takes it to a higher level. This incident even states that the members who murdered the victims “… were friends with white people, socialized with white people, dated white people. So not only is there no evidence of any racial animus, there’s evidence to the contrary.” What? And how about this, The president of Criminal Justice Journalists, an association of crime, court and prison writers, editors and producers, said, “I can’t say that this one would have had any more coverage if five whites had been accused of doing these things to two blacks, absent a blatant racial motive… as bad as this crime is, the apparent absence of any interest group involvement or any other ‘angle’ might also explain the lack of coverage. Am I missing something here? Unless there is racism involved, stories like these barely matter.

Which brings us to the bigot Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin. Is Zimmerman a racist? This clip that I found back in 2012 seemed to give us an unclear reason to believe so. Was Trayvon asking for it? I hardly believe so. If Zimmerman wasn’t hunting him down for no reason other than he “suspected” he was up to no good, he’d still be alive. Lot’s of questions, unclear answers, an unpopular decision, people pissed, racism everywhere. I’m not even sure people know what they are fighting for most of the time. As concisely as possible (and the crux of the story), Zimmerman shot Trayvon because he was a racist. That’s it. Except how are you going to prove he was a racist? He was found not guilty and he acted in self defense. Race played no card in the verdict. A jury supposedly tried the case as two blank people and one blank person got shot. If it were two black people would this be a story? If it were two whites? So why is it story with a Hispanic and an African American? All men are created equal, unless your name is Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.