So it’s obviously snowing out and I’ve been playing poker. Literally, eating gushers and playing poker. Last time I wrote about it I logged 2000 hands for -200. Now I’ve logged 6862 hands for -180 dollars. That means I made 20 dollars in 4800 hands. I’ve spend hours and hours of frustration to accomplish nothing. This is why poker is just not time well spent. I’m really trying hard to work on my game and I feel like I have a pretty big edge on a lot of opponents but coming out on top has just been difficult. My holdem manager says I’m running about 100 dollars less than expectation so that’s at least something positive.

Thank you Jess Baker and Jill for letting me know that the video blog wasn’t terrible. Obviously 7 minutes is too long so possibly a shorter summary of something would be better. I’d have to think about how to incorporate that into this. On a side, note I had 117 unique visitors for the month of February which is more than I’d expect. It’s not an incredible amount of people but at least it’s an audience which makes me at least feel some satisfaction of people reading what I write.

You’d think that being snowed in would mean drinking but unless I can go out an interact with people, I really don’t think drinking by myself is too amusing. I’ve had a beer or two but nothing crazy. Today was one of the first days I’ve woke up whenever I wanted without being hungover. Usually I either have to wake up for work or I’m hungover and I feel like shit, so it was a nice change of pace. I don’t expect I’m going to work tomorrow as it will be nearly impossible to get out of the driveway. That sounds like a Mad River Thursday to me.