I’ve always heard older people complaining about their body and assumed that they were being pussies. As long as all your body parts were working and you weren’t doing anything seriously outrageous to harm them, you should be fine. I’m reconsidering that position as I age. I can’t explain why it seems like everything that I do results in some part of my body being affected. It doesn’t matter if it’s throwing a baseball, hitting a golf ball, or reading a book, something is going to fall out of place. I’m even more concerned because I have a feeling this is only the beginning.

Yesterday I didn’t do anything to bring on pain and for some reason my oblique was bothering me. I went for a run after golf and felt for lack of a better word, tired. This morning I got 8 full hours of sleep and still felt like I could stay in bed for a few more hours. My elbow is in pain any single time it comes in contact with anything. It can brush up against something and it feels like my funny bone just hit the emergency switch. This is from breaking far too many falls with my elbows. My knees are so beat up they look like they’ve been through a war. With only a few more months to say I’m in my twenty’s, I feel like I’m in my forties.

Even with all this complaining, I’m still working towards a superior fitness level for myself. I’ve been using the Art Museum steps as a training source rather than a track and I have a feeling I’m going to see tremendous results. I’m down to 172 which is what I believe is my ideal running weight. Ideal is probably closer to 165 but I’d be a twig. I went to the gym today for the first time and it was pathetic how much I could lift after a few month hiatus. I don’t think anyone will be calling on me for any strength reasons though so I should be alright. I’ve done a great job throughout my life at avoiding major (and minor) injury but it seems like I’m constantly finding nagging issues. I usually wouldn’t even use a post to write about them but I honestly have nothing else to write about. This was pretty much filler until I can find some time to work in some of my better ideas for posts.