After getting a few people saying they’d play Clue with me and our attempt at setting up a Risk game, I decided to propose a formal challenge. I would like to have 12 people in this but 6 would also work, nothing in between. The idea would be to put aside an afternoon / night and compete in 3 different, 6 person, board games. Points would be awarded for places and like the strong man competition, the winner would be the one with the most points. If we had 12 people, the winner from each group would go 1v1 in a 5 game Rock-Paper-Scissor to crown the ultimate champion. I was thinking a 20 dollar entry fee would be reasonable and we’d split the cash 75 / 25 amongst the winners from the group. The games would be as follows:

Risk x 1

Clue x 3

Trivial Pursuit x 1

2,4,6,8,10,12 for Risk and Trivial Pursuit. 5 for the winner of clue, 2 if you don’t get a chance to guess and 0 for the wrong guess. I’d have to think about it and see if anything was more fair. If you’d be interested in joining this affair, I’d provide the beer and setting, you provide the entertainment. Leave a comment and we’ll get an email chain started.