There were quite a few blog worthy topics for me this weekend. The US open was near Philly, I played a round of golf on Saturday, a Fresh Foods experience, and even a rousing game of horse all come to mind. I’ll use bullets instead of paragraph form because I don’t have anything to intertwine all of these random happenings.

  • I took it easy on Friday night because Bud and I planned an 11:28 golf round at Turtle Creek. I woke early on Saturday, went for a run across the Ben Franklin bridge, posted an entry on this site, and then met Bud at the course. We played with an elderly couple, Jack and Ruth, who were actually very good for their age. I managed to shoot 89 while putting erratically all day. Probably my best driving round of the year though. Bud had some unbelievable tee-shots as well.
  • We then headed to the courts to play some Bball with Sam and Gourlay. Gourlay, the captain, chose Sam over me which proves his ability as a manager. Only two notes on the games were my block that was rejected right back in Sam’s grill and Jeff raping Gourlay on a drive to the basket. He liked it.
  • Sunday began with a trip to Fresh Foods where we picked up a Tiramisu for our dad on Father’s day. I inquisitively asked why there was hardly a counter space to put items on at the check out line and parted by telling the customers that “Fresh Foods sucked”. It really didn’t but it seemed outrageously priced.
  • The game of horse amongst the Stortz boys was historic. To start things off I hit a 27 foot 3 point shot which Sam missed. After exclaiming that my last shot was too easy I banked a 35 ft shot from the welcome mat by the deck that Sam missed again. Once Sam was eliminated it was down to Jeff and I. Saying one more time that my last shot was too easy, I attempted a 70 ft sidewalk shot that was virtually perfect in every way and dropped through the basket to make me the winner. It was a thing of beauty and Jeff said that he couldn’t even look at me right now.