I don’t wear my hair with gel. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I have gone out with gel in my hair. Back as a little kid I used to mess around with my Mom’s mousse and spike my hair up and then think cracking it was the coolest thing. It’s not that I don’t think gelled hair can look good, it’s just not for me. My thought is that it is was trying too hard but considering all the ladies I pick up, maybe I need to try a little harder. I was thinking I should go with the feathered look.

I decided to get a haircut before the wedding to look as sharp as possible. I went to the same place I’ve been going to for the last 20 years and they had 4 of their regular barbers cutting. In my last 50 visits to this place, I’ve never have the female barber. This wasn’t anything intentional, she just wasn’t the first available person when I got there and I never seek out a barber. As luck have it this time, I got her. I could tell she was nervous at first because with so many visits and so few cuts, I could get the feeling she thought I avoid her at all costs. To top that off and add additional pressure, I told her this was for a wedding and that I needed to look good. So we talk about weddings, her travels, and other normal topics of conversation (she talked too quietly that I sometimes could only pick up 65% of what she said but it wasn’t atrocious) and as we get to the end she asks if I want to gel up my hair. I tell her that I usually keep it casual and after some debating she talked me into it. What do you think?