It’s 8:35 and I’m a functioning alcoholic. Well not really functioning. I am really wasted. Way more wasted than last week. I can barely type. My words are only complete because I am backspacing like no other. We did 4 car bombs before we went out. We being Jkash and I. Problem with Jkash and I, and I’m sure I will hear about this later, is that he is accepting offers at this point. Meaning he doesn’t HAVE to do anything if he doesn’t want to. I have a call scheduled at 10:30. Right now I’m a hurt piece.

Honestly, at a certain point last night I don’t remember anything. I remember doing some carbombs, and then we took a mind eraser with the hot waitress, who I amazingly met from months before, and then the band was on and that’s really it. I wish I could go into further detail but that’s really all I got. I woke up at 7:30 or so and had to take a piss and then I knew I should be at work so that’s what happened. To day that today is going to be productive would be nearly impossible. I feel like I should stay with the trend and take a picture of myself just so we are all aware of what we are dealing with. Honestly to be at work and drink like that is a miracle. I’m teenage wasteland and here’s a picture to prove it.

There is also a significant problem developing. People are searching for stortz tools and one of my blog entries comes up. Now I don’t care if my friends or random people read this but perspective customers should not be viewing this material. This blog makes me look like an alcoholic mess, which I am. But people who want to buy roofing tools don’t need to know that. As much as I want this to be popular, I don’t need it to be coming up on google’s search engines. All I can say is that today is gonna be a rough day.