Two things that go along with this video that makes it post worthy. The first is that I caught it on David Blaine’s twitter feed which isn’t half bad. The video itself is pretty trippy and brings me back to the one time I did shrooms. Yes, it was about 10 years ago and never forget that drugs are bad mmmmmkay!. That’s besides the point because one thing that I love about youtube and is highly underrated is the comments. The first comment in this video is “Bit dangerous isn’t it? I nearly crashed my car at 1:35.” The comment is unbelievably hilarious because there is no doubt in my mind idiots would try something like this while driving. I’ve honestly stopped texting and driving completely because I watched some numbers show on National Geographic that said you are 23x more likely to get in a an accident while texting. That was actually enough of a reason to stop for me. Enjoy the video.