I’ve got what you’d call a lot of half ideas for the blog. They are exactly what you’d think they are, ideas that I want to make into posts but only have half the post. I have topics, but only 2 examples. I have stories, but only half worth it to tell. This is both good and bad. It’s good because it’s better than nothing but it’s bad because I have nothing to post. I also don’t have the time to turn halves into fulls because I’m going away tomorrow on business and have to rest early tonight. I think Saturday may be a key writing day though because I have the Broad St on Sunday and will be staying sober for the weekend. I would like to try to get a round of golf in but other than that I’m pretty much free. There is also a radio 104.5 concert going on at the Piazza which I would like to try to go to but being sober isn’t nearly as much fun. This post is only checking in to let you know that the ideas are brewing, just not finished. I feel an outburst of posts in the near future.