Brookes showed me this video and I’m well aware it’s a joke, but this is 100% the truth.

Guy With 10,000 Tweets, 15 Followers About Ready To Hang It Up

I’ve had my link on this blog to Facebook and Twitter for well over a year now and not 1 person has either become my friend or followed me on Twitter from it. I still have 30 followers on Twitter and haven’t added a friend since the T-rex roamed the Earth. I’ve mentioned before but people are going to stop caring about Facebook. They’ve gotten so desperate that they have created a Facebook home for mobile which the laggards to technology might like. Mobile is going to be the next tech word if it isn’t already (or has been for years). I personally enjoy viewing Twitter from my phone and love the idea that I can tweet to my followers instantly but if only 30 people are reading it, I have much less incentive. So unless I go whoring myself out, which I refuse to do, I don’t see how I can become more popular on Twitter. I suppose I need to create funny or interesting tweets that people retweet but that requires thinking. Notice I’m whining without trying. Even with video hits of Sad Dog Face and the Arrested Development clip which will bring in more viewers than anything I’ve ever posted before, I’m still swimming in the abyss. Popularity comes with a price, but so does the alternative.