Bill Belichick. Tom Brady. Success. It’s the preparation. The team unity. The proven track record of winning. What happened to Andy Reid the past two seasons won’t happen to the Patriots. The Birds tried to hire talent, but talent doesn’t win football games. This isn’t basketball where you can put 3/5 of a team of all stars together and win championships. This is a better game that involves 11 players acting collectively and no team does it better than the Patriots. They have not had a losing season in the last 10 years and have made the playoffs 8 times.

I had to make this post before the game kicks off and explain how some people can lay 10 points in what is most likely going to be a tight game. My response is that if the Pats score 40 points, 10 doesn’t seem like that much. I don’t care who the opposing team is, the Patriots can score that many points. Considering the -10 is going off at +140, you’d think you’d have to be a fool to accept those odds. This is what Vegas wants though. They want to offer a line that the public will jump on, +10, give you shitty money to take it, -160, and then when the bets come in on that side, they win because they are offering you less money if it happens, and they win when the Patriots cover. I don’t let that +140 number scare me. I’ve seen it far too many times not work out the way the books want you to think. I also think the +5 at home is too many to lay to the Falcons.