It’s funny because a few days ago while I was driving I was going to make a post that explained why some of my abilities were superior to most other people. It stemmed from the fact that on my 5 hour trip from Pittsburgh I was literally passed by one other human being. Meaning only one person in our human race that day on our PA turnpike, out of what must have been hundreds, is able to press the limits of our law and speed down the highway. In my own mind for whatever reason I justified that this must set me apart…with the disregard of the law. Coming from a court date this past Wednesday for a public drunkenness where I hired a lawyer and had a judge sentence me to 25 hours of community service as a way to wipe it clean, I decided that maybe a post dedicated to some of my faults may be better suited. To the list.

Lack of History – I’m terrible with history of all sorts. My brain doesn’t handle dates very well and my knowledge of US history is frightening. If I was trying to name the Presidents in order, I’d fail after 3 (Washington, Adams, Jefferson…). I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older but I think my brain just doesn’t prioritize historic information as important. We live in the present and I feel like that’s what I should be focused on.

Drunk Memory – This weakness can make you feel like a schmuck. Being hammered but being able to function enough to communicate is dangerous. The state of black out drunkenness or even really drunk leads to not being able to remember information. So if you have conversations with people about specific details when you are too drunk to remember, and then you see that person again, you’ll look like a total ass and repeat info. This makes it so you are constantly guessing what to talk about as not to repeat yourself.

Too quick to judge – My standard thought about someone is that they have to prove to me that they aren’t retarded. I feel everyone has their own skill set but most people are just underachievers. I have a good example and why I picked this trait. I was going back to my apt and in the elevator were these two bros who got off at the same floor and kept walking closer and closer to my door. After realizing these two were my neighbors I asked if they liked Ping Pong, they did, and if they wanted to play. We started playing and it quickly became evident that these two were pretty decent players. In the 4 games of doubles we played, we won the 1st (with better paddles) and lost the next 3. If I had to guess how many rando’s could beat Jeff in I in Ping-Pong, I’d probably say 1%. The fact that two people who happen to live down the hall beat us just shows how I under-estimate the abilities of the human race.

No filter – I’m not sure this is a weakness but I tend to jump to conclusions rather quickly and then speak my mind. Once I consider the variables, I talk. This may lead to a hasty thought process but it will also lead to action. My dad would say this is major negative to my personalty. I believe his thought process is what I call analysis paralysis. It’s analyzing something to death and than not making a move. I find this to be way worse. Even though I may say stupid things or make incorrect decisions, it still an active approach. This however can get you into trouble.

I’m sure people who know me could point out more. I purposely left out drinking and gambling which seem obvious at this point.