Multiple reasons are causing this blog to slump. For one, I haven’t been feeling so hot as of late. I had a good time at Union Transfer for NYE and made it out in one piece feeling tip top. I got home and had a good night’s sleep and woke up feeling fine. New Years Day is where things started to take a turn. I headed to Steve’s for some drinking at noon or so and we headed out to the Mummer’s Parade. We carried on the 2nd year tradition of signing the board at the Kimmel Center and headed to Time for a few drinks. We then left time for a house party in South Philly and everything was still fine. Only little issue was I didn’t have anything to eat aside for a breakfast sandwich in the morning. So come the end of the night I had been out all day and hadn’t taken care of my body. Let’s just say after that it’s been a recovery to get to where I am right now.

I did meet a few girls from my high school who identified me with blogging which I found pretty obscure. I know I post the link on Facebook every so often but I didn’t know people actually read it. That was a minor surprise and for some reason I don’t feel it’s “cool” to be known as a blogger. I guess if you do something for 4 years eventually someone will hear about it. I do find my social skills pretty adept though when I’m hanging out on days like these. I hold good conversations (in my own mind) and they feel somewhat relevant. Now if the other person knows that I hardly remember anything after the 6th hour of drinking they’ll be disappointed. This happened when some girl was like “I remember we had such a good conversation the last time we saw each other.” I just sort of nod and pretend. There is this constant balancing act of getting a decent buzz but not letting it impact your life negatively. Sadly to say, “I still can’t master this.”

I’m heading to Pittsburgh for a college roommate’s wedding so it’ll be a lot of driving for a short period of time but I’m going to make the most of it. I rarely get up there and this is a good opportunity to do so. So there will be hiatus until this weekend ends but I hope to take some pictures and come back with a story or two. My success in Pittsburgh has been poor to say the least.