It seems fitting to finish off 2012 with a post. Considering I haven’t created anything in 4 days I’m sure people are wondering what is going on. My simple answer to that is nothing. Life has been pretty simple due to work slowing down and people checking out till the New Year. I’ve been going into work for an hour or two and making sure everything is tight but other than that I’ve just been trying to enjoy the time off. I think I’ve moved past summarizing my actions and will focus more on creative entries. This may mean I might not be posting as much but I don’t know if that’s a bad thing. I could write a 1,000 word post on exactly what I did and what happened over the past few days but it just seems boring. So that being said, I’ll probably sit down tomorrow and write a list of resolutions because that seems like the obvious thing to do. Or maybe I’ll write some non-resolutions because that would make for a better entry. Either way this will be the final post of 2012.