Chris Duhon at the Public House

It’s not every weekend where I can say that I had a baller couple of days. After staying in on Friday night, I was ready to have a nice Saturday. I finished the 2nd season of Walking Dead and then started watching some Homelands. Shee came over at 4 or so and we played some Ping Pong where I was 3-3 which is a moral victory. We went back to his place and got something to eat at Sowe. They had some slamming pulled pork nachos and I also had a nice pork and pastrami sandwich. The bill was 54 bucks and we gave 80 dollars. Adam wanted to leave it all as tip but I don’t believe in 48% gratuity so he made sure to let the staff know that he would have left it all and I’m the cheapskate. We then played some Gin Rummy, which I never win, and we parted ways when my plans were to meet the Rock and Jon at the Public House.

The Rock said Chris Duhon was there but I just figured he was at the bar. After I somehow got in with sneakers and no collared shirt, I see the Rock sitting right next to Chris Duhon at the bar. For people who don’t know, Duhon is the starting guard for the Lakers with Nash out. He was a really nice guy and even bought us a round of shots, Tullamore Dew, to be more specific. It was good to see his night out didn’t effect his performance as he dropped 14 on the Sixers, 4-10 from behind the arc. We stupidly left the Public House to hang out with our commoner friends. I tried to be a bad ass like Duhon and buy 8 shots at Smiths but this proved to only hurt my wallet and not raise my reputation.

I woke up on Sunday pumped for an action packed day of football. I drew Evan for the 2nd time in 3 weeks for our semi-final matchup. As I did the week before, I watched some of the games with my opponent and got to watch A-Pete run wild just like last week. I ended up beating Evan and moving on due to the fact that he had more points on his bench than his starters. Lesson learned, don’t sit the #2 pick of the draft (Aaron Rodgers) for Josh Freeman. Special thanks to Cecil Shorts and Heath Miller. I left Evan’s at halftime of the first games to meet up with Rock at Xfinity Live which was a decent spot to watch the games. He went to the Sixers game so I left them at about 4 only to head over to Ed’s place who was my opponent in the other league I made the playoffs. Janikowski pretty much sealed my win over Ed to put me in the Championship in two leagues. If all goes well next week, I could net 950 bucks from my fantasy investment. Not too shabby. I also picked up 75 bucks from Fanduel with my expert team netting me a W. Fantastic plays by me in Dennis Pitta and Michael Crabtree.

2 weeks ago I was hanging low and now I’m riding high. Funny how that happens.