I had to get to get a tooth filled today. The dentist is always asking me if I’m flossing like I’m committing a crime if I don’t. Fact of the matter is that I actually am flossing but he’s obviously not seeing the improvement he’d like. After getting my mouth nice and numb he was reviewing the X-Rays and decided to not just fill one tooth, but 2. What an easy way to make money. Classic bait and switch. Get the idiot in the chair, numb his mouth, and tell him the price of the treatment is double because he decides another tooth needs to be filled. Repeat as necessary.

So during the filling process his assistant starts some small talk with how she is deciding to watch Nip/Tuck again and she is starting from the beginning. While my mouth was open and filled with cotton balls and a strange instrument, I wasn’t able to give her my opinion but I can’t think of anything that I actively repeat watch. Once I watch a series, I just don’t watch it again. The first time through is the best time through and I’m not into digging deeper into the minutia of every episode. This allows me to watch many series and have a greater scope of what’s out there instead of being an expert on a particular series. I know Sam can watch the same movie 10 times and not get sick of it but I just have a thirst for new material. I almost consider it wasting my life repeating things I’ve already watched. This especially applies to rinse, rather, repeat. Fuck repeat.