Sam watches running. JC likes basketball. Laura enjoys baseball. Jeff just watched boxing. Nance likes to watch anything JC isn’t. Everyone has their sports they treasure. Why do we get high on certain sports and not others? I think it depends on a personal connection with the sport like you played it in the past or it just makes you feel happy watching. I’ve always seen it as something to partake in and relieve your mind from thinking about your busy day to day rather than rooting for my team. This post is going to give you an idea of some opinions I have on various sports.

I can’t stomach baseball games. I find them them boring and slow. I don’t actively feel the stress of the game in every pitch. Even full counts, bottoms of the 9th and grand slams don’t get me riled up. I have a feeling that baseball has just always seemed tainted to me and the competition level is always suspect. When I was 11 years old, baseball had a strike that JC would always say, “I can’t watch baseball again.” Here is the description of the strike of 94‘: “The cancellation of the 1994 World Series was the first since 1904; meanwhile, Major League Baseball became the first professional sport to lose its entire postseason due to a labor dispute. The strike has been considered one of the worst work stoppages in sports history and it left the fans and the sports world outraged.” Perhaps my father’s opinion had an impression on me was a young boy psychologically. I honestly don’t believe any of that type of thinking for what it’s worth.

I also think that my playing days have kind of worn me thin of a game I don’t care much for. We had some unreal baseball teams when I was 13 or so. I wasn’t the main contributor but I was on a team that went 38-0 over the course of two seasons (accuracy check Bud)? That team practiced more than any other team I’ve ever been on. We took it seriously and I think I learned many wonderful life lessons that I can take with me for the rest of my days. Hard work, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and just being the reward of being the best (In that particular league and age group. Let’s not get this confused with the actual best). It was a strong phase in my life, but baseball was never my calling and it’s just another game for me.

I was a bigger basketball fan as a young kid but the game still interests me because I understand it. I can’t see running as a spectator sport even though I take joy in it. I find football fun to watch and I like the action but it’s the actual action that makes the game exhilarating. Golf is such a skillful game and it’s great to be outdoors when you play but the TV angle just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve hardly given a least scoring game on the planet, soccer, a chance so I won’t comment. I get a kick out of MMA but rarely find myself getting psyched for any fights. I’ve tried to check into hockey a few times but find myself over the boards. Everything else is secondary. I enjoy watching sports but they don’t have my heart. Opinions welcomed. Who doesn’t like sports?